Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling

Have you been thinking more about the amount or frequency of alcohol or drugs you use?

I utilize a client centered, non-judgmental approach to create personalized goals around substance use. I support client’s goals around complete abstinence or reduction of use.

What Types Of Therapy Are Used? 

I use a combination of harm reduction, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address symptoms of addiction.  I offer education around additional, family dynamics of addiction, and community resources for sustained management.

Can Someone Be Cured? 

Addiction can be a complex and chronic condition, however, it can also be treated and managed with the proper support. 

How Does A Person Start?

If you are currently reading this and considering making changes to your drug or alcohol use, then you have already started! The first step is awareness and acknowledgement of the unproductive behavior, the next step is to take action. I offer in-person or telehealth counseling.

“Angela is an amazing therapist who really listens to what you are saying. She has helped me shed some of the crushing regret, shame and embarrassment I struggle with everyday. She has taught me ways to maintain sobriety, manage stress and generally feel better about myself.”

Client Testimony

Benefits of Substance Abuse Counseling