Art Therapy

Therapy Through Art

How can art be useful in a therapeutic setting?

Sometimes thoughts and feelings can be challenging to express verbally or through words. Through the use of art materials and the creative process, clients will gain self-awareness, foster self-esteem, and promote insight, and reduce stress. 

Do I Need Experience?

You don’t need any training or experience in art to engage in art therapy. A wide array of materials can be used (paint, clay, collage, visual journaling) based on the situation and what the client and therapist decide.

What Does A Session Include?

A typical art therapy session would include discussion of the intention and goals around the session and the art, creating the art piece, and ending reflection.  The artwork belongs to you and can be used over multiple sessions if needed. Art therapy sessions are centered around the process of making art and not so much the final product.

“Painting is kind of messy but that mimics many things in life. It can be hard work to identify flaws; understand that will be okay, and work through them with art. It can be hard, but it still helps.”

Client Testimony

Benefits of Art Therapy