Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Do you often feel overwhelmed or have thoughts that affect the way you interact with friends, family and coworkers?

You are not alone, and you can work through this. I offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety and depression symptoms.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced based form of talk therapy that is helpful in identifying negative thought patterns and addressing common cognitive distortions. 

Once this is identified, CBT can aid in challenging these thoughts and changing or “rewiring” the brain to have healthier responses.  CBT can be helpful with managing many stressful life situations.

What To Expect From A Session?

The first session will be an assessment where we will determine treatment plan goals and identify a schedule that will support these goals. Each session will last approximately 45 minutes. I offer in-person or telehealth counseling.

“I go to therapy for myself, but also for every single person in my life. It makes my relationships stronger, my work better, and my self worth higher. Mental health is not linear, so consistently seeing a counselor has helped me gain the skills to fall back on when I am in a rough spot, and to dig deeper into wider issues when I am in a better place. For me, therapy has saved my life over and over again.”

Client Testimony

Benefits of Mental Health Counseling